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Are you REBEL

Rebel was founded by an entrepreneur, personal trainer, former pro boxer who was disappointed by the lack of evolution of regular fitness gyms. He has been inspired by his top level sport background and the new fitness trends from USA.
Rebel Bootcamp, provides small group fitness workout in a whole immersive context allowing you to focus on yourself by getting advantage from the group energy.

Our goal: Make you forget the daily life, bring you a max of fun, burn 1000 calories in one hour, build muscle, feel the music, the vibes and leave you with the coach who will drive you to another planet.
In France, Rebel Bootcamp is the unique fitness studio to offer 3 bootcamp concepts in this atmosphere and its in Cannes.


Rebel Bootcamp is for everyone whether you are an athlete or not. Lose weight, tone muscles, health enhancing or simply have fun by doing sport, Rebel offers a panel of sessions made for everyone no matter your age or sport level.
No competition between each other, it’s you vs you.

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How it works

The immersive context is provided with our sound and light system such as those you may find into best night clubs. Lead by the coach, who gives you exercises and pace to perform, you train at your maximum in you own pace without exceeding your max intensity.
We require our coaches to include their personality, creativity and a piece of craziness in every class.
The goal is to get fun by doing sport.



1 hour boxing workout using aqua punching bags, mixed with strength training.

No stress it’s just fitness



1 hour walk or run on treadmill, mixed with strength training in a high intensity workout

1 hour = 1000 calories



1 hour of cross training,
running, strength training.
This is mostly a HIIT functional workout

The pure hard core Bootcamp